Wales 2017: The Year of The Dragon

WFTF Master Awards 2017

The WFTF Master Award is awarded to shooters who achieve over 92.5% of the top score in their category. This award is only presented once to shooters.

This years awards go to:


PCP Master Awards Springer/Piston Master Awards
 ————————  —————————————-
Adam Benke (Germany) John Farbrother (England)
Dan Eley (England) Jan Homann (Germany)
David Penman (Scotland) Jonathan Willingham (England)
Dorian Falconer (Wales)
Dylan Varney (England)
Giani Fabianelli (Italy)
James Osborne (England)
John Costello (England)
Mark Henson (England)
Neil Hague (England)
Rafael Guerrero (Spain)
Red Gallagher (England)
Simon Ayers (England)
Jose Redondo (Spain)


Please note that some on this list were unable to collect their Master patch at the Awards ceremony. Please contact me at and we will ensure that this is sent to you.