Wales 2017: The Year of The Dragon

The Competition

The competition will be staged according to the WFTC Core Rules. Please read the attached document before the competition to familiarises yourself with the WFTC rules:

WFTC Core Rules 2017

The competition will consist of three course – Black, Yellow and White. The White course will be separate, and the Black and Yellow courses will be integrated.

The competition will have both morning and afternoon sessions. You will be advised at a later date which sessions that you have been allocated.

Practice Range: We are planning to have a 200-meter-long zero range, so there should be no restrictions on time spent on the zero range.

Standing Silhouettes Competition: on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday we will have a Silhouette competition in the Walled Garden. This will be open from 9am until 5pm.

Competitors will shoot with a partner and they will mark each other’s score sheets. You can enter this competition as many times as you wish, with your average % score to count. Prizes for 1st,2nd and 3rd will be awarded to the three highest %’s. Shoot Off’s, if required will be held at 5pm on the Saturday.

Please see attached Standing Silhouette competition rules: View Silhouette Competition Rules


Competitor registration will be open on Tuesday from 10am to 6pm and on Wednesday from 9am until 4pm.When you first arrive at Glanusk please go to the Stats Office and register.

Competitors will receive their ID card, which must be worn at all times whilst at Glanusk. Following registration competitors will have their gun chrono checked and all their shooting equipment checked to confirm compliance with WFTC core rules.They will then have an ID sticker issued to confirm compliance, which must be applied to their Rifle or scope.

Competitors will not be allowed onto the Practice range, Standing Silhouette range or the main competition course without their ID card and sticker.

Gun slips/cases must be used at all times when transporting guns around the Glanusk Estate.

All competitors will receive a welcome pack included in which will be a personalised Wales 2017 Polo Shirt embroidered with their name/nickname and size as specified in the registration form.


We will not be providing lunch packs, instead we will have Catering contractors on site providing a range of hot and cold food, snacks and refreshments. These facilities will be onsite from Tuesday until Saturday – 8am until 5pm.

BFTA European Competition

Whilst this competition is organised by the British Field Target Association, we will however assist the BFTA in giving them an indication of the numbers of WFTC competitors who wish to attend this event, which takes place the weekend before WFTC 2017.

In the registration process competitors will be asked to indicate if they wish to attend this event. We will then pass the total numbers and details of competitors who wish to attend to the BFTA.

This will not guarantee that you will be able to attend this event, however the BFTA have indicated that they will endeavor to accommodate WFTC competitors who wish to attend.

More details of the BFTA Euros will be featured in future on our website.