Wales 2017: The Year of The Dragon


A Big Thank You From W.A.F.T.A

Well it is finally all over, after two years of planning and a huge amount of effort by all concerned we delivered what shooters (the most important people) have said was the best Worlds ever. I am extremely proud of what you have all achieved.

I would like to thank the following for the huge effort that they made to ensure that we had a successful WFTC:

The Marshalling Team: by your efforts in ensuring that issues were resolved quickly, WFTC Core rules were complied with, and by rigorously controlling timing, we had no major overrun issues with our schedule – this was the major concern that we had, running out of daylight hours.

I have received numerous complements about the high standard of marshalling. Sergio Rita the President of the WFTF and Brian Sampson said that the standard of Marshalling was the best that he had ever experienced. So well done, you should be very proud of yourselves.

The Course Building Team: many thanks to Simon for planning the course layout, and his Team for constructing it in only one and a half days. Many shooters have said it was one of the best, well balanced, challenging and interesting courses that they had ever shot. We had lots of comments that the White course was the ‘prettiest’ course that they had ever shot!

The Stats Team: Sam and her team did a superb job in completing the huge task of booking in the competitors, sorting out registration issues and efficiently processing the results every day. Thanks very much for your efforts, they were most appreciated.

Castleton FTC: for constructing what was one of the largest practice ranges ever in just one and a half days, and managing this throughout the competition.

The Chronograph Marshals: for the efficient way that they processed shooters and dealt with issues.

The Media Team: Daniel and his Team did a very professional job with their daily videos of the highlights of each day, and their pre- Worlds advert video. A full video of the whole competition will be available in a few weeks’ time when all the footage has been edited.

Sergio Rita: thanks for your help and advice during the planning stage of Wales 2017. Your ‘behind the curtain’ document about planning Portugal 2016 was very useful in that it highlighted some of the issues that you experienced and ones that we had not even considered. We will produce a similar document covering Wales 2017 to assist other RGB’s at future WFTC’s.

Brian Sampson: for holding the WFTF marshalling course earlier this year to train our marshals. This was of huge benefit to us in that it enabled us to achieve a very high standard of marshalling during the competition.

The Welsh Target Shooting Federation: thanks to Martin Watkins and his Team who provided and manned their 10-meter range. This was enjoyed by all of those that competed in this side shoot. Thanks for the prizes for the winners.

Non- W.A.F.T.A Shooters: many people from other BFTA regions and RGB’s contributed by assisting us with both marshalling and key tasks such as repainting targets, thanks very much for your help.

The Sunday Clear up Team: who by their efforts (despite hangovers) managed to clear the entire site by 2pm, leaving it in a clean and tidy condition. When we left on Sunday the estate looked in the same condition as we found it the previous Sunday. Glanusk were very pleased with your efforts in clearing up.

Crickhowell Rotary Club: for providing volunteers to man the entrance to Glanusk and manage the traffic flow throughout the estate. W.A.F.T.A will be making a donation to a charity of your choice in recognition of your support.

The Onsite Caterers: thanks to Daniel for selecting the caterers. The food according to all was of the highest standard (personally thanks for the coffee outlet- this was a life saver for me)

Glanusk Estate: thanks to Harry and his Team, who with their vast experience of event planning greatly assisted us in planning the Worlds. They went the ‘extra mile’ in resolving those issues that arose during the competition that required equipment and resources that we did not have.

The Manor Hotel: this was the largest event that they had ever catered for, and to serve a 3-course meal in just over one and a half hours to 500 people was fantastic. We received lots of complements about the food – so well done.

Our Sponsors: thanks to all our Sponsors for their very generous contributions, this was greatly appreciated by everyone. A special thanks to Mark who by his efforts secured the highest level of sponsorship at any Worlds.

Jan: my wife who has had to put up with two years of frequent and noisy planning team meetings at our house and my untidiness with all the WFTC equipment stored both in the house and garage.

The WFTC Planning Team: I cannot thank Dorian, Richard, Mark, Simon and Daniel enough for all their efforts in planning Wales 2017. Two years of hard work, with many meetings to review progress and make key decisions, and endless traveling both to review potential sites for our event and to meet many times at Glanusk.

The Welsh Team: I am absolutely amazed at the success that our team achieved, in that Jack Harris retained his World title, Dorian was second, the Welsh PCP Team won the overall PCP Team title and Dan Horrocks was 1st in the Veteran Springer class. This was the best result that Wales has ever had, and to achieve this at our own Worlds was fantastic – very well done to everyone.

This result is even more surprising given that all the Welsh competitors worked extremely hard at course building for two days, and that they all marshalled every day, after shooting the courses. They were all absolutely exhausted at the end of each day, so to have such success is an amazing achievement.

We never expected that we would do so well, as everyone’s primary focus was not on shooting the competition, but in ensuring that Wales 2017 was a success and that shooters from other RGB’s had an issue free competition.

Finally, a big thanks to the most important contributors to Wales 2017 the:

Competitors: without your attendance at Wales 2017, we would not have had a WFTC. Some of you travelled from as far away as New Zealand, South Africa, South and North America to attend, we really appreciate you coming to Wales and hope that you had a memorable and enjoyable experience, and that the Welsh rain and wind (to be expected) did not spoil the event for you.

We look forward to meeting you all again in Poland next year.