Wales 2017: The Year of The Dragon

Course and Session Information

WFTF 2017 Course and Session information

By Simon Evans – Chief Marshall & Course builder


Welcome to the World Field target championships in Wales. This will be quite a different competitions from recent years. Firstly, we have the biggest number of entries at around 350. This has meant we have had to run two sessions.

We tested the course in Sept 2016 and found on an average day, light was good in the small wooded area until about 6.30pm. This in turn has led to our early start times and tight schedule as we must get each days shooting over by 6.30pm!

To make sure we have sufficient time for any class “shoot offs” on the final day, we have grouped shooters together who I think (Given my  knowledge as BFTA grading officer of U.K. shooter’s ability and looking back over the last 5 years WFTF results) will possibly in with a chance of a trophy in their class, thus potentially they may be involved in a shoot off? Our shoots off must take place Saturday afternoon in good light. This year’s field has an increased number of top UK shooters, so it will be a tough job to make the top 10!

The course is what I would term a traditional Welsh Field Target course. The clue is in the name, “Field Target”. Most of the WFTC courses I have shot, some 450 targets have to me been almost devoid of wind and the championship has been won mainly on 18 standing shots! .That’s not really what the competition should be about in my opinion.

So in bringing the WFTF competition to Wales, we wanted to give you a ground that hopefully will have the right amount of wind to make it a challenge on all shots, not just the Standing and kneeling lanes!

Yellow and Black Courses are intermingled ( lane 1 yellow followed by lane 1 Black, then lane 2 yellow and so on) and are a horse shoe / U shaped firing line.  The courses start 60m from the briefing area and then head out into the open section of field before skirting the “Wooded pond” and heading up to the “banks” to finish. The open ground should pick up any slight breeze and be a good test of shooting in the wind. There is a small wooded pond area and a number of large Oak trees to add features to these courses.  Ranges will be balanced on all three courses and each course will have mix of targets using “angles” to keep you thinking about wind direction. Don’t panic, there will be some nice easy “gimmie” targets all should hit to keep your spirits up. Speaking of “up”, we may have a few targets elevated up trees, but no Anti-Aircraft shots! Black and yellow courses have six standing targets and 4 knelling targets.

No shooter will start on a standing or kneeling lane more than once in the three days.

Our white course is set in a 360 degree circle, split into 4 sections. White course is perhaps the most picturesque of the three and will be a good challenge. It starts in the “Garden for a couple of lanes before heading alongside the road for about 7 lanes and then crossing toward the Glanusk Bridge area for a few lanes, before heading into the Wooded section. Five lanes in the woods will be a test and then a very nice area around the small pond to finish, but watch out for the White alligator, “Snappy!” White course will have 4 standers and six kneelers.

Spectators will be able to observe shooters from behind the spectator line on Black and yellow courses from lanes 16 to 25 and on White from lanes 3 to 12, so ample opportunity to watch the other sessions. We have a Silhouette side shoot plus a good selection of trade stalls to while away your time, once you have finished on the Zero range.

I hope you enjoy the courses and appreciate the efforts we have made to make this a good but fair test to find the World’s best Field Target shooter!


Simon Evans

Course planning has been done over several visits so a “feel” for the ground could be achieved.

A nice open area for a tricky pair of Kneeling shots?

The tree line will provide a tricky area to range in and hit long targets?

After some Strimming to clear the view, a couple testing targets in the wooded section will await those on white course

A couple of trees, just “Standing” there!!!Hope the UK shooters have been practising 25mm kill zone standers ??

“Snappy” is a 25mm kill target that likes to pop his head above water, if you hit him it will make a splash! Purchased in the USA after WFTC 1997, Snappy the Alligator has been a favourite at many Welsh shoots.

A couple of uphill shots from the Road on white, but not anti-aircraft!

From this lane, you will see two targets, the Glanusk Bridge and have your photo taken!

Its not just open ground on Yellow and Black, there are various sized oak trees that will help set the course angles and break the wind up!!

Not a long range lane, but small kills in the dark!

Light and dark areas in the same lane, a good test of range finding!

Lane two on white in the “Garden”, a beautiful lane and probably no wind!

We will be using various features on the ground to make some shots a bit different, will it be a full size kill or a reducer shot through the “ V “ of the horse jump ?

Shooting from the open field into the woods, always a tricky shot to read!

The Briefing area will be where any shoot offs are held.

Those not taking part can watch all the action from the banks